Addiction Treatment Services Alberta

We take a multidimensional approach to deal with addiction. By offering different treatment choices, every person and his or her family can work through past clashes that have added to substance misuse. Addiction can make it appear like all hope is lost. Our creative, result based programs address customer needs and work to restore that hope, twofold.

Intensive Outpatient in Alberta

What does intensive outpatient treatment include?

Intensive outpatient treatment warrants that customers go to day-long treatment sessions with our trained therapists. This program guarantees that people get treatment and basic care they need in the early phases of recovery. With complete diagnostics and clinical assessments, we make patients as comfortable as possible and do so with care and sympathy.

People are incorporated into a treatment program in which they start to build the skills help them to stay clean and calm. We apply an assortment of recovery models from group and individual therapy to restore balance and re-instill hope.

Ongoing care is imperative.

When patients have finished the Intensive outpatient program, its best to take part in outpatient treatment. In this period of recovery, they will keep on taking part in therapy sessions so as to work through any extra issues.

Risk of relapse

People must stay associated with the recovery group keeping in mind the end goal to prevent relapse. Since relapse is expected and not out of the ordinary, we encourage support and care groups to cultivate inspiration and support.

Our staff is knowledgeable about helping customers through the whole recovery process. We ensure that every individual is furnished with the instruments they need to stay clean and calm the minute they leave treatment.

A few of us have battled with addiction ourselves. A few of us have family with addictions. Every one of us are friends with individuals who have known addiction (it’s difficult to work here and not be).

We are specialists, advisors, medical attendants and facilitators. We are committed to supporting individuals who want to overcome their addiction. We comprehend a life of recovery is very difficult to keep up but the prize exceeds the hindrances. We don’t look at addiction as a sickness. We give the clinical and emotional support to get you where you need to be. For more information about addiction treatment services in Alberta please call us.