Calgary Addiction Treatment

Making those first strides toward treatment and recovery can be troublesome. Our staff in Calgary is here to help you consistently. We start off with the registration procedure not just to help you or your cherished one with moving into the treatment center, but to guarantee we have the data expected to match you with the care that fits your particular needs.

What are the advantages of moving far from home for treatment?

Going for treatment gives you a chance to make a stride back from the main factors behind your addiction, whether they are situations, people, or problems. Deciding to get treatment in your neighborhood make it hard to concentrate on what is most imperative, which is your recovery.

Advantages of going for treatment:

Venturing out permits you to escape negative social situations, for example, companions who abuse drugs or alcohol or strained family connections. Being far from home permits you to completely concentrate on your recovery. Putting physical separation in the middle of you and known substance abusers helps in the recovery process.

The more extended customers stay in treatment, the better their chances of recovery. To guarantee greatest achievement, we offer 30-to-90-day programs depending on individual needs. We guarantee that customers who effectively finish our 90-day program will stay clean and sober.


Detoxification is a vital piece of the recovery process as it expels toxins from the body brought about by addiction in a safe, medicinally managed setting. The detox regularly lasts between 5-7 days and can be demanding on occasion. On the other hand, customers can expect our staff will make detox as smooth as possible, with components including:

  • 24/7 medical support and supervision
  • Individualized detox procedure
  • Medicine controlled and regulated by authorized therapeutic staff

What about aftercare?

An aftercare or release arrangement is an arrangement between the customer and treatment group that helps the customer adapt to post-treatment challenges. Aftercare orchestrates continuous achievement in every aspect of life.