Drug Rehab Calgary

There are many private and public drug addiction treatment centers in Calgary. While different programs concentrate on diminishing the habit, we accept that the recovery process needs to move past that. Rather, we focus on having customers experience individual change and full integration into society.

Our Theory of Addiction

The beginning stage of our system is that the essential inspiration in people is the will to improve, the need of the person to comprehend his or her life and seek a better tomorrow. In accordance we accept that addiction emerges as an after effect of an individual’s diligently disappointed endeavors to carry on with normal life.

Regardless of having the outward appearance of achievement, for example, families, social circles, steady employments, and material belonging, our customers depict their inward world as one assailed by weariness, outrage, sorrow, dejection, and an annoying feeling of void, similar to lost souls meandering without a heading. Moreover, our customers likewise report an inclination of feeling isolated, of not fitting on the planet. This feeling of loneliness and depression lies at the heart of why people swings to drugs, alcohol or different types of addictions.

Our Therapeutic Approach

Our Clients are Whole Human Beings – We do not treat an addict or an addiction; we treat individuals. Besides, we don’t accept that a man with an addiction can be reduced to minor feelings, thoughts, or behavior.

Our Clients are Growth-Oriented – our customers are motivated toward development by the fact that that if they can overcome obstructions to the development process, then individual change is conceivable.

Our Clients are the Authors of Their Lives – the majority of the clinical focus is in helping customers take control of their lives, paying little attention to circumstances or individual and social confinements.

Family Program – in the family program, relatives come to comprehend that they have added to certain adapting abilities to manage their cherished one’s addiction and that these adapting aptitudes may not be useful. Moreover we welcome relatives to think about how likely it is that there’s a whole other world to life than being managers of another grown-up individual; they may need to seek after their own particular dreams and objectives.

Aftercare – while we work with customers to get ready for life after treatment, we likewise perceive that is similarly essential for customers to discover motivation to do every one of these things.

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