Edmonton Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a disease that has penetrated into each geographical, social and financial corner of Edmonton and requires immediate treatment. Treatment centers offer the main reasonable possibility of a cure for addicts dependent on any prescription drug, illicit substance or alcohol. For most of addicts, recovery and rehabilitation will only be possible with professional, medical and therapeutic support at one of the specialist drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers in Edmonton.

We offer expert counseling and support to addicts and their families and companions. We work with a wide system of recovery and treatment centers and detox facilities to guarantee that our customers experience the most secure detoxification with the best alcohol and drugs recovery programs.

Recovery & Treatment Clinics

If you need quick access to the best quality recovery detox and treatment center in Edmonton, a private center may be your best alternative.

Alcohol addiction and drugs abuse or addiction is highly harmful for body, spirit and mind. They destroy families, ruin finances, devastate professions and even cost lives. We accept that quick treatment at a reputed recovery facility can be the difference between life and death, cure and relapse.

Intervention is the first thought for loved ones of addicts who won’t recognize their requirement for treatment and of individuals displaying the first indications of addiction. Our interventionists help organize meetings for addicts who can’t or won’t look for alcohol abuse treatment or medication detox, prompt those concerned on what to say at the meeting, guarantee its smooth running, and help locate the most helpful, reasonable and prepared recovery treatment places for the patients. It’s an influential and powerful method for persuading someone who is addicted to sign up to a recovery program, whether we’re focusing on heroin detox or cocaine rehab, or excessive drinking issues.

Searching for a comprehensive treatment center?

Finding the right treatment center isn’t as simple as browsing the web for an adjacent drug recovery center or a private rehab. It’s truly all about the type of treatment and in-house services every center offers. Heroin detox, for instance, will require strict monitoring and control while alcohol abuse warrants that patient is involved in more group activities and therapy. The same is valid for any type of drug treatment.